Introduction of AAC Blocks

AAC or Autoclaved Aerated Concrete first came into being in 1923, thanks to the efforts of Swedish Inventor Johan Axel Eriksson. The AAC is a cost effective and environment--friendly substitute of red clay bricks as construction material for making walls.
nformation about the excellent properties of AAC, that includes excellent thermal and sound insulation properties along with light-weight yet high load bearing capacity has now spread across Europe and beyond, leading to the demand of AAC. These blocks and panels have low cost of construction and are energy-efficient manufacturing and installation.

Length 600 mm 24""
Height 240 mm 9.6""
Width 100/150/200/225 mm 4""/6""/8""/9""
Variance %+1%
Dry Density 551-650 kg/M3 (Over Dry) 1950 kg/M3
Compressive Strength 30-40 kg/Cm3 25-30 kg/Cm3
Fire Resistance Up to 4 Hours for 200mm Thickness 2 Hours
Sound Reduction(DB) 45 For 200 mm Thickness 50 For 230 mm Thickness
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 8.1 * 10 -6 K-1
Water Absorption 8% 25%
Surface Quality (Fungus Pboblems) NA Fungus Problem on Surface
Mortar Consumption Up to 30% Less Very High
Cost Benefit Factor Dead Load Reduce Strutural Cost. No Saving
Construction Time Less Than Half Double

Why Choose Construction

Our group has been engaged in construction activities since past two decades. Firstly we made our own residential and commercial premises with AAC blocks and having been convinced with its unique qualities, we decided to start its production.

  • Fire Resistant
  • Energy Efficient
  • Water Barrier
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Cost Saving
  • Ease Of Working
  • High Strength
  • Acoustic Properties
  • Pest Resistent
  • Earthquake Resistant

What we offer

W hite Blocks We offer blocks in 9 inch to 3 inch sizes. We offer plaster for the above. We aim to launch shortly steel

"क्योंकि घर एक ही बार बनता है"

Fire Resistant

अग्नि प्रतिरोधी

Cost Saving

पैसे की बचत

Water Barrier

पानी बाधा

Pest Resistent

कीट प्रतिरोधी

Ease Of Working

काम करने में आसानी

High Strength

उच्च शक्ति

Energy Efficient

ऊर्जा से भरपूर

Acoustic Properties

ध्वनिक गुण

Thermal Insulation

थर्मल इन्सुलेशन

Earthquake Resistant

भूकम्प प्रतिरोधी